Breakfast Reminder


Client: Danone Actimel

Breakfast Reminder


We transform toaster in a printer. Bread in media. To remember mothers each morning of Actimel.

Danone wanted to position Actimel as an indispensible part of breakfast for Brazilian families. But the mothers don't have the habit of giving Actimel to their kids every day.
We decided to use something truly indispensible in any family's morning diet. So, we transformed bread into media.
We created a special toaster that prints messages on the bread as it toasts it, reminding mothers to protect their kids' health every day.

To launch the campaign we selected some of the most influential mothers, and sent them all a toaster with a personalized reminder, along with a package of the product.
In order to receive Actimel for an additional month, mothers should post pictures with the toasts on their social profiles, spreading health throughout their network.

Besides introducing a healthy habit into so many people's lives, millions of mothers now know how easy it is to protect their children.



My role: Idea and Art Direction.

Agency: Wunderman
Creative VP: Paulo Sanna
Creative Director: Rodrigo Jatene, Adriano Abdalla
Art Director: Caio Fernando
Copywriter: Daniel Xavier, Rafael Palermo