Copy of Brahma 2014 WordCup


Cliente: Brahma InBev

2014 FIFA World Cup campaign

Wherever in Brazil, there must be a party.

In 2014, Brazil hosted the FIFA World Cup. Only 12 cities was elected Official Host City. Brazil is a huge country with more than 200 million people spread out amongst 5570 cities. Many people were out of the party. So Brahma, biggest brazilian beer and sponsor of World Cup, decided to do something controversial. 

Brahma brought the stadiums to the people, to the small cities. Brahma containers traveled around Brazil bringing the party. Because every field in the soccer country, deserves to be an Maracanã. 

/Film - Digital

Documentaries with residents of Guiné, Bahia, Brazil.


To extend the invitation to enjoy the party, we created a website that filtered 1500 parties who Brahma hosts around Brazil. This app always finds a nearest party, market with promo or a Bar with TV.


We create a hashtag #AquiTemFesta (#HereHaveParty) to spread the photos of the party. Celebrities, Bloggers and Fans around Brazil share your celebrations with this our tag. It was trendtopic many times in Brazil during the World Cup. More than 10k photos were posted on Instagram with the hashtag. The campaign had more than 500k positive comments in social media.


My role: Digital, Art direction, Website, Hashtag Activations.

Agency: Africa - Team Brahma
Illustration icons:
Film Production: Conspiração Filmes
Director: Breno Silveira