Copy of Brunette Xuxa


Client: P&G Wella Koleston


Xuxa, the most famous blonde in Brazil will became a brunette. And we spreaded it.

In 2012, in order to increase P&G's Koleston sales in Brazil, we decided to turn Xuxa, Brazilian most famous blonde, into a brunette. (Important: the main idea came from the client. what you'll see in this video case is what we did to make it a success and, most of all, give Koleston the credit for the transformation).


Changing your hair color can be immediately transformative. It can also be risky, especially if your face is familiar to millions. That’s why Xuxa Meneghel –– Brazil’s most famous blonde, singer, TV hostess and beauty icon took so long to make a decision about her dream: to become a brunette, just like her mother.

Then Xuxa was approached by Wella, Brazil’s market leader in hair color. Wella had been seeking a way to set its hair color apart from lower- priced brands that were eroding market share. And working with Koleston, Wella had identified Xuxa as the perfect embodiment of its brand promise, transformation –– if only Xuxa would be willing to color her hair. The team convinced Xuxa that she had finally found the brand she could trust to make her dream come true. The Xuxa Brunette campaign was born.



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Brazil was riveted by Xuxa’s transformation into a brunette, as well as the story of how Wella had unlocked Xuxa’s long-held dream, with more than 850 articles published. And sales of Koleston - shade 30, dark brown, which was used by Xuxa Meneghel – jumped 24%. Trendtopic worldwide in the day of transformation. More than 10 million views on YouTube.



My role: Digital Strategy, Art direction, Display Media.

Agency: Wunderman
VP: Paulo Sanna
Creative Director: Adriano Abdala
ACD: Alexandre Lima
Art Director: Caio Fernando, Rafael Ribeiro, Dagmar Nesi
Copywriter: Rafael Palermo, Ana Mangeon