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MAN Vans


CLIENT: man trucks

We launched the first ever van from MAN Trucks. 

One of my first projects in Germany. We had to come up with all assets for the launching campaign, website and brochures of the MAN Van. It was a long process, travelling almost weekly to Wolfsburg (Volkswagen Bildfabrik) to direct a team of amazing CGI designers. 

The goal was to bring to life the van, showing it in the streets, in use, in multiple environments. First campaign ever from MAN Trucks with a lifestyle approach. 

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activation on linkedin/xing.

We brought the campaign to Xing and Linkedin.
We created personalised ads for the decision makers inside the big companies. 
The Ad showed a van with the colours of their companies. 



Jung von Matt & Hi-ReS! Berlin
Manager Directors:  Sven Küster, Mathias Sinn
Creative Director: Michael Rothfischer, Henrik Lehtikangas, Rene Lamberti
Art Director: Caio Fernando Batista
Interface designers: Anna Christoffer, Max Quecke
Copywriter: Uta Bierbaum, Sebastian Sotzek

Photographers/CGI Designers
Volkswagen Bildfabrik
Frithjof Ohm