Copy of #Movimento11

Client: InBev Brahma


June 11th. The day that a brand moved the   Valentine's Day in Brazil.

Brazil Scenario: Unlike the rest of the world, Brazil celebrates its Valentine's Day on June 12th. But in 2014 Brazil was host of the FIFA World Cup, and the day of the opening match, and Brazil's first game, fell exactly on June 12th.

Couples from all over Brazil were worried that this would put the day in jeopardy. But Brahma, sponsor of the Brazil national team and the World Cup was ready to solve the problem.

Brahma launched #Movimento11, a movement so that Valentine's Day,
for the first time in history, would be celebrated a day early: on June 11th. 

Big brands immediately saw an opportunity to save the date and said yes to #Movimento11, offering special discounts on products and services
for couples that decided to move the celebrations forward. 


/Case Study

On June 11th, bars, restaurants and motels all over Brazil were packed. The movement gained strength and was covered in the country's main media and even in the international media, which recognized that June 11th had transformed into Valentine's Day. Social engagement was historic for the brand. We were Brazil's number 2 trending topic the day before the World Cup with #Movimento11. More than 26,000 photos of couples celebrating June 11 were shared on Instagram. All of this generated more than 2 million reais of spontaneous media for Brahma.


We launched a Manifesto film on TV and online, and the website brought together all the offers, contents, videos, tweets and news about the #Movimento11. Bloggers and celebrities joined the movement and helped to spread it throughout the country, and of course, were joined by thousands of couples.

/June 11th Activation with Tickets to the Opening Match of 2014 World Cup.


My role: Idea, Art direction, Strategy.

Agency: Africa
VP: Sergio Gordilho
Creative Director: Eco Moliterno
Art Director: Caio Fernando, Caio Gandolfi
Copywriter: Raul Palhares, Diego Ferrite
Illustration: Caio Fernando, Caio Gandolfi, Rogério Lionzo

Film Manifest/TV
Film Production:
Bossa Nova Films
Director: Gonzo Llorente

Film Activation June 11th
Film Production:
Big Bonsai
Director: Marcelo Bozzini