Gold Fever

Client: InBev Brahma Beer


We needed to come up with a film celebrating the finals. We had no big budget and only photos of the team players to work with.

Minas Gerais is a state with an historical importance to Brazil. In the XVIII century the discovery of gold veins transformed this state in the most important place in the country and also led to a huge Gold Rush.

Nowadays the state is also well known because of two great football teams: Atlético Mineiro and Cruzeiro. The two teams won the most trophies in the last few years, including Brazilian and South American Championships

Brahma Beer is the official sponsor of these two teams and in the begin of the 2015 Brazilian Football Season, we created the new Gold Rush: a call to fans of these two teams not to let other teams take the gold away from Minas Gerais. 


My role: Idea, Key Visual 

Africa Agency
ECD: Eco Moliterno / Rafael Pitanguy
CD: Alexandre Prado
Alvin Shiguefuzi
Art director: Caio Batista,  Caio Gandolfi
Copywriter: Diego Ferrite

Film Production: Piloto.
Director: Daniel Soro e Alexandre Chalabi